Submission Instructions

The technical-scientific works within the areas below, may be placed by business professionals, teachers, technicians and students and its insertion in the program is subject to the opinion of the Organizing Committee.

  1. Chemical and Biological-nano Interactions
  2. Process Intensification
  3. Nanodevices, nanosensors and Modeling
  4. Environment and sustainability and education
  5. Innovation, entrepreneurship

Each author registered in the Congress may submit or confirm the presentation of up to two works;

Abstracts should contain briefly the main elements of the complete work, that is, identification of the problem being addressed and the specific objectives of the study, the methodology and the main results and conclusions, containing a maximum of 3000 characters including space;

The content of the summaries is analyzed by the Organizing Committee with the objectives:

  • Accept or reject the job;
  • Classify works according to areas of knowledge or common interests;
  • Set the presentation, if oral or poster ( see Guidelines for Preparation and Presentation );
  • Regarding the acceptance criteria, some aspects are observed as minimum conditions:
  • The title and content must be sufficiently clear so that the issues can be identified (attention to grammar and spelling that commit serious understanding of the text)
  • The work must fit in the event the scope and address problems whose solution is or may represent a contribution to the knowledge of the areas (eg avoid reports of cases that can be considered routine and common knowledge of professionals in the fields)

Works whose abstracts have been accepted may be submitted, even if the complete work has not been delivered;


Only will be considered the abstracts uploaded to the website in the form specified by the Commission; if you want to submit a work and one or more authors are not yet registered, you can add it later at the page Labor Data Change, which is available on the host panel.

Step by step description of the submission:

First, it is necessary to register of at least one of the authors, by completing  Copyright Registration FormTo display another abstract already registered, the author does not need to repeat this operation.   

Second, the master author submits the abstract by filling  Abstract Submission form for oral or poster presentation. The preference of the author by the type of presentation (oral or poster) should be informed at the time of electronic submission of the abstract.

Third, after summary analysis, the Organizing Committee will send communication, via email, if the work was Accepted or not.

Fourth, the presenter must confirm the presentation of the work.



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