05/03/2020 - ROOM 3

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Detail 14:00:00
03-077 - Devin L. Shaffer
Nanoporous two-dimensional covalent organic framework (COF) membranes with controlled thickness for molecular separations SIM
Detail 14:20:00
03-082 - Clodoaldo Irineu L de Araujo
Three terminal graphene channel based spintronic field effect transistor. SIM
Detail 14:40:00
03-083 - Luis Angel Jauregui
Electrical control of interlayer exciton dynamics in atomically thin heterostructures NÃO
Detail 15:00:00
03-001 - Camille Artur
Tuning Surface Chemo-Resistivity of Au Ultra-Thin Films Using Metal Deposition via Surface Limited Redox Replacement of Pb UPD Monolayer SIM
Detail 15:20:00
03-105 - Alexandre Mello
An alternative approach for electrothermal microactuators: from simulation and microfabrication to the in-situ vacuum experiment. SIM
Detail 15:40:00
03-095 - Dachamir Hotza
Modeling the uncertainty in the measurement by DLS of nanoparticles size SIM
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