Theranostics and Nanobiotechnology: Implications for Biomedical Applications.

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Luiz Ricardo Goulart Goulart, L.R.(Universidade Federal de Uberlândia); Currently, there are limitless opportunities to create by convergence of sciences and technologies novel nanomaterials, combinatorial molecules, photonics and devices with a multitude of functions and applications, which are already a reality with a profound impact on society and implications for human health and development. Such discoveries demand an interface among disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics to achieve new paradigms in health. We will discuss the interactions of specific technologies to target major human diseases, which will be briefly summarized herein. Phage Display and Selex are combinatorial technologies and excellent platforms for the design of high-affinity ligands, and have been extensively used by our group to produce novel theranostic markers. For theranostic applications, we have developed combined biosensors and therapeutics using a combination of diverse nanoparticles and composites, polymers, photonic technologies (RAMAN, SPR, FT-IR, MRI), biological ligands (antigen, antibody), engineering (electronics, microfabrication, electrochemistry), nanomagnetism, stem cell biology, and in vivo fluorescence imaging, which will be discussed. Our challenges are to combine recent technologies and information to develop revolutionary platforms for the progression of life sciences and health.
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