Interactions at the nano-bio interface across biological systems

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Rebecca Klaper Klaper, R.(University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee); The last 15 years has brought a significant influx of research on the potential environmental impacts of nanomaterials. From these studies, we have been able to draw some very broad conclusions on the interactions of nanomaterials with biological systems. However, there is significant variation in these interactions due to differences in the biological characteristics of organisms and the environments where they are found. In order to gain a fundamental understanding of interactions of different nanomaterials it is necessary to probe the molecular interactions that occur at the interface of the nanomaterial and the places where the material comes in contact with the organism. This presentation will discuss the broad conclusions that we have been able to make about nanomaterials and organisms and the gaps that exist in our understanding of these interactions. In addition, the molecular interaction of nanomaterials across species will be discussed.
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