Low-cost carbon-free technology based on nanostructured earth-abundant semiconductor

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Flavio Leandro Souza Souza, F.(Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory); The efficiency of nanostructures for solar-to-hydrogen production via carbon-free technology such as photoelectrochemical water-splitting cell is fundamentally governed by the capability of the surface to sustain the reaction without electron trapping or recombination by photogenerated charge. This talk will summarize the latest progress on earth-abundant semiconductor, designed columnar morphology via colloidal process, for photoelectrochemical cell application. The columnar morphology efficiently minimizes the number of defects, grain boundaries, and surface traps normally present on the planar morphology. In fact, the nanostructure design faster becomes a key factor in the race for enhancing the photoelectrochemical device performance. In addition, the major drawback related to the hole diffusion through the solid/liquid interface will be addressed by correlating the use of high annealing temperature combined with dopant addition. Finally, a critical view and depth of understanding of these two parameters will be discussed focusing on the molecular oxygen evolution mechanism from the sunlight-driven water oxidation reaction.
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