Pre Meeting Training Course/Tutorial on Green Nanotechnology—Its Implications in in Molecular Imaging & Therapy and Theranostics

Date: March 4th
Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Price: R$ 50,00

(Minimum of 20 people) 

Course canceled

Training Course Director: Kattesh V. Katti, MSc.Ed, PhD, DSC, FNAI; Director, Institute of Green Nanotechnology / Director, Cancer Nanotechnology Platform,

School of Medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia , Missouri, USA

Hosted By Professor Kattesh V. Katti, MSc.Ed, PhD, DSC, FRSC, FNAI Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Radiology and Physics Margaret Proctor Mulligan Distinguished Professor of Medical Research Director, Institute of Green Nanotechnology; Director, University of Missouri Cancer Nanotechnology Platform University of Missouri Medical School 


This training course/tutorial addresses advances on the applications of green nanotechnology in molecular imaging and therapy.

Detailed description and analysis of the intervention of green nanotechnology for the production of biocompatible nanoparticles for molecular imaging and therapeutic applications will form a focal point of this training course/tutorial. - Specifically, phytochemicals derived from a plethora of herbs, fruits and various plant species possess innate abilities to bind to receptor proteins on a vast variety of normal/tumor cells. 

Due to the rapid degradation of phytochemicals in vivo because of efficient metabolic processes, the utility of receptor protein-specific phytochemicals as molecular/anatomic imaging probes has largely remained unexplored. This tutorial will address latest advances in improving the bioavailability of phytochemicals through green nanotechnology and thus provide state of the art knowledge and training to design the next generation of nanoparticle-based imaging agents and theranostic probes derived from receptor specific phytochemicals. 


The course will feature hands on training and formal education on the implications of green nanotechnology in molecular imaging and therapy. This will in turn benefit scientists, engineers, clinicians, students and professionals in molecular imaging and therapy from industry and academia. 

Personal Q&A time with the Tutor during the lecture/experimental course at the conference site  and correspondence after the course via email.  


Duration: One hour

About the tutorial coordinator 

Professor Kattesh V. Katti is internationally recognized as a leader in the interconnecting fields of—chemistry, radiopharmaceutical sciences, nanotechnology/green nanotechnology and nanomedicine—for biomedical applications, specifically for molecular imaging and therapy of living subjects.  His ground breaking discoveries in Green Nanotechnology have been recognized globally as the Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug cited Dr. Katti as the ‘Father of Green Nanotechnology’. Dr. Katti has won numerous international awards.

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