Poster Instructions

The author must fabricate your poster paying attention to the following criteria:

SIZE:  The dimensions of the poster should not exceed the limit of 90 cm wide and 120 cm long. Posters can exceed the largest attachment panel; so it is necessary that the author meets the specifications of the poster dimensions.

LETTERS:  The size of the letters used in the posters must permit easy reading at a distance of two meters. Must use upper and lower case for general content as the use of letters of the same size can be difficult to read. One should avoid mixing different types of fonts and different styles in the same text.


Text Type

Size of Characters

Capitulation / Style

general orientations


20-24 mm supplies a maximum 100 points.


Include the job title, authors' names and institutions where the work was developed at the top of the poster


Sources between 48 and 60 points.


Captions such as "Introduction", "Materials and Methods", "Results and Discussion" and "Conclusions"


Sources between 24 and 32 points.

single spaced. Uppercase and lowercase letters.

Using short texts. Every description of methods should be simple and concise.