Instructions for TED poster presenters

The TED poster presentations will happen in the same room after the oral session according to the schedule. 

The TED-Poster presentations are approximately 3-minutes long each, so they are quite short! 

You are asked to send to the chairs a PDF version of your poster – your poster will be on the screen during your TED presentation. 

We suggest to use ONLY a PDF of your entire poster! 

Please use your last name for the file name, as for instance:

And very important:

The purpose of the TED talk is to stimulate the audience to view the poster and to discuss the research with the author during the breaks or poster social in the exhibition area, where the poster is displayed for the full conference.
ONLY HIGHLIGHT THE MAJOR FINDINGS OF YOUR WORK. More detailed information can be provided orally during the poster session. The Poster flash talk should stimulate people to visit your poster.
The chairpersons are instructed to require all speakers to adhere to this limit.
Focus on your message to attract people to view your poster.



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